Chanda Chemical Corp.

Benefits Introduction

The various employee welfare measures, social insurance, training programs, and their implementations in our company, as well as the agreements between labor and management and measures to safeguard employee rights, include:
Maternity, marriage, bereavement, group insurance, birthday and holiday bonuses, regular health check-ups, and year-end bonuses, along with provisions such as employee dormitories and sports equipment. Labor-management communication and measures to safeguard employee rights are carried out through regular labor-management meetings, morning briefings, departmental monthly meetings, etc., to enhance communication between labor and management and ensure harmonious relations.

Furthermore, in line with the company's development and organizational manpower planning needs, the company assists employees in acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to achieve organizational and individual work goals, thereby promoting efficiency and quality improvement. The company designs a training system for all employees that aligns with their individual responsibilities. Different training courses and development methods are established for core functions, managerial functions, professional functions, and self-development areas.
Benefits Introduction